This Is Us

We are shinsengumi !!!

Our Main Regulations:

  • Do not betray the bushido creed
  • Do not desert the troop
  • Do not willfully obtain funds
  • Do not willfully get involved in disputes
  • Do not engage in personal fights
  • Personnel in breach of the aforementioned conditions will be ordered to undergo seppuku

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  • Founded29-01-2019
  • LanguageIndonesian
  • LocationIndonesia

Latest matches

  • Fiesta Friendly Cup 6


    Tournament Begins: 30 Januari 2019, 10:00 am

    Tournament Type: Knockout

    Tournament Author: Fiesta Arena Admin

    Maximum Participants: 40 teams

    Current Participants: 40 teams

    Prize: 500.000 Razer Gold, 300.000 Razer Gold, 200.000 Razer Gold

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